Complete Food List During Periods to Reduce Pain

Period is a familiar word to every woman. On certain days of the month, every adult woman has to go through some physical and mental problems. Women suffer from malnutrition during this time due to bleeding, burns and physical illness. So many people are interested to know what to eat during periods and the best period comfort food in this critical time.

Menstruation is a time of challenge for women as they have to go through various physical and mental barriers. Therefore, in order to maintain full health at this time, one should be careful in choosing food. As a result, you will not be likely to suffer from malnutrition during menstruation.

Then what to eat during periods?

Today in Courstika, this article will describe you best period comfort food, what to eat during period cramps, what not to eat during periods and what not to eat on your period. You must follow this list to stay healthy and functional at this time. So, let’s know about what you eat to avoid health risks during menstruation.

1. Iron rich foods

Since blood is expelled from the body during menstruation, the body needs to make hemoglobin later. And iron-rich foods naturally do this important job of making hemoglobin in our body. So foods that are high in iron; For example, eat fish, meat, eggs, liver, taro stem, and stem amaranth.

Also try cauliflower leaves, lentils, coriander leaves, watermelon, ripe tamarind, blackberries, dates, and mangoes. These foods must be included in the diet to supplement the body’s iron deficiency during menstruation.

2. Fish

Although girls develop a strong reluctance to eat fish and meat during menstruation, you should eat them to avoid health risks. Fish is one of the best comfort food during period. Marine fish contains minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin D. Since women’s body needs more nutrients during menstruation, these nutrients can be protected from many complex diseases.

Another healthy aspect of marine fish is that it is a very low-calorie food. There is no end to the quality of marine fish. Fish including hilsa, coral, rupchanda, baila, shrimp, phompa, laita and laikhya are rich in minerals and vitamins. These compensate for the loss of body weight during the period and also play a role in reducing pain.

Fish are not only useful during menstruation, recent studies have shown that marine fish reduce the risk of heart-attack, stroke and high-blood pressure. Besides, fish also plays a significant role in the mental and physical constitution of children and adolescents.

3. Greens vegetables

If you’re worry about what to eat during period cramps then you should mind greens vegetables is most important for you. Green leafy vegetables contain a lot of iron, which will help the body to make up for the loss. Not only sound health but his alertness and dedication too are most required. It is not only rich in iron and B vitamins but also has high levels of fiber which helps in digestion.

Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins C, E, magnesium, potassium, beta-carotene, anti-oxidants and many other elements. Vegetables are an essential condition for food to be well digested and to stay healthy during periods. So keep green leafy vegetables in your daily diet during menstruation.

4. Banana

Many women don’t want to eat bananas for fear of gaining weight. But bananas are needed to make up for the lack of magnesium during menstruation. So you can balance your calories and eat bananas. This will reduce the chances of weight gain.

Bananas are an excellent source of magnesium. Bananas are also a very good source of potassium and vitamins, which are essential for your intake during periods. Banana also helps reduce depression during periods. So keep a banana on your daily food list at this time.

5. Protein

An adult woman’s body needs about 48 grams of meat per day for proper development. Meat contributes to the development of our health in many ways. The role of meat is immense in the formation of organs, muscles, skin, hormones and almost everything necessary in our body.

So keep pulses, eggs, fish, meat in your diet to stay fit during menstruation. It helps you lose weight and shed belly fat. At the same time helps to increase the muscles and capacity of the body. In addition, a high-carb diet helps lower blood pressure and control diabetes.

6. Water

Not just during menstruation, water is always equally important for people. But did you know that drinking plenty of water during menstruation can put away your health risks? Girls usually bleed during menstruation. As a result, blood flows out of the body as well as a lot of water.

So you need to drink plenty to fill this gap. But not any soft drink, just normal water. Tea, coffee, cola or any other soft drink should be avoided as much as possible at this time.

7. Fruits

Vitamin C is essential for proper absorption and proper functioning of iron in the body. And its importance increases manifold during menstruation. Guava, mango, gooseberry, lemon, olive, grapefruit, and ripe tomato are some of the vitamin C rich fruits that are available at our fingertips.

Also, to make up for the lack of vitamin C during the period, it is necessary to eat fruits like star fruits, ripe papaya, pineapple etc.

Caution: Excessive fried foods or fast food should be avoided at this time of health risk. Different types of sodium, excess salt or sugary foods should not be included in the diet. As well as getting enough sleep every day to maintain physical fitness.

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During menstruation, a variety of symptoms may appear, usually referred to as per-menstrual symptoms. However, there are different types of symptoms before menstruation. So make changes in your daily diet to prevent menstrual or per-menstrual problems.

It is important that even small mistakes in eating habits at this time can bring many big dangers in the future. So always eat healthy food, stay healthy.

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