Skin Care in Pregnancy: Oil, Cream, Powder and Others

Taking care of face skin in pregnancy is really hard. But everyone wants to make glowing themselves during this time. We always hear about pregnancy glow. But in reality most of the expectant mothers face various skin problems due to various hormonal changes. One of which is dry skin, hormonal breakout or acne. Many people have melasma due to black spots appear on the face.

For these reasons, it is important to have this time in a skin care routine. You must follow some natural skin care tips during pregnancy. But the problem is, this time of pregnancy is very sensitive. A little creature is developing inside you. Everything you eat, whatever you use is affecting it.

So no other product can be used at this time like other times. You should avoid all of artificial ingredients to make your skin glowing. Today in Glower, we’ll discuss some tips glowing skin during pregnancy. Let’s start.

It is important to consider whether the ingredients used in your skin care products are pregnancy safe. Although the barrier layer of our skin, there are many elements that can penetrate this layer and enter our bloodstream and they can create various barriers including birth defects when they enter the body of your unborn baby through the placenta.

How to take care of face skin in pregnancy

So let’s find out today what are the things a future mother keep in mind to take care of natural skin lightening during pregnancy which is safe.

Note: Everyday a huge amount of products are coming in the market. However, a closer look at them reveals that they are marketed under different names with a mixture of different levels of the same ingredient. It is possible to avoid any risk if you are aware of certain elements. The things to keep in mind are discussed below-

1. Physical sunscreen

Do not use chemical sunscreen during this time of pregnancy, use physical sunscreen. The difference between the two is that the chemical sunscreen that works penetrates our skin. Where physical sunscreen sits on top of the skin creating a layer. It is safe to use zinc oxide and titanium oxide which are the main ingredients of sunscreen.

2. Retinoids

The use of retinoids is strictly prohibited at this time. Retin A/Acuten, Retinoids, Vitamin A – all of these are considered unsafe during pregnancy. Studies have shown that these are the causes of various birth defects. As retinoids are found in vitamin A, vitamin A is said to be used and avoided in the skin. However, beta-carotene obtained from vitamin A is considered safe.

3. Hydro-oxy acids

Recently, the use of hydro-oxidic acid has been widely used in skin care. They are called AHA, BHA, PHA and are used as chemical exfoliators in skin care. All of these are basically to be avoided in pregnancy. The exception is lactic acid.

Since it is made in large quantities in our body, it can be used. Many people say that it is safe to use glycolic acid. But since there is not enough information to call it safe, it is better to avoid it.

Many skin care ingredients contain citric acid at the bottom of the list. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. And this small amount of citric acid is used mainly to keep the pH balance right. So there is no problem in using these.

4. Salicylic acid

It is also used in acne treatment. However, it cannot be used in pregnancy. There are also several salicylates that cannot be used. Tropical willow bark is one of them.

5. Ingredients to brighten the skin

Experts say that hydroquinone, alpha arbutin, licorice root, kojic acid should not be used in pregnancy.

6. Snail Secretion

It is best not to use benzoyl peroxide and snail secretions in pregnancy.

7. Paraben

We always advise to avoid paraven. But it does not carry any risk apart from pregnancy. However, it is better to use parabin free products at any time.

8. Hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate

The only acid that can be used during pregnancy and which works very well in skin hydration is hyaluronic acid / sodium hyaluronate. The hyaluronic acid molecule is so large that it does not penetrate the skin. So it is safe to use.

However, if a company claims that the hyaluronic acid in their product penetrates the skin and works inside, then it is better to avoid that product. Because in that case this acid can go into our blood vessels and enter the baby’s body.

9. Essential oil

Among the essential oils, except for willow bark and neem, it is safe to use a small amount. However, many people say that essential oils or extracts should be avoided at this time.

10. You shouldn’t do these

Sunless tanning (DHA), laser therapy, Botox, fillers, stem cells / growth factors cannot be done during pregnancy.

Although most of the products are safe during pregnancy due to the fact that the skin becomes very sensitive most of the time, it can cause irritation or redness on the skin. If so, it is better not to use that product.

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Before buying or using any product, check the list of ingredients on its label to see if it is safe for your unborn baby to use. Although most of these product restrictions do not occur during the breastfeeding period, the use of many ingredients is still prohibited during this time. I will talk about this in another post in the future.

If you want to know about the safety of a particular product, you can comment on this post. We will try to be by your side with as accurate information as possible.

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