Mother care | How do I take care of myself after having a baby?

After having a newborn baby a mother should spend sometime for own care. The questions how do I take care of myself after having a baby is more important for a new mother. So, you should follow some postpartum self-care rules with great important.

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. For this motherhood, a woman has to go through a delicate physical and mental situation for 10 long months. This tension lasts for a few months or a few years after becoming a mother.

But being a mother does not mean losing the old yourself. As a result of taking all the attention and care towards the newborn after the birth of the child, less care is taken for the mother herself. But taking care of the mother is also very important. So let’s see what changes a woman goes through to become a mother and how she should take care of herself.

Road to the mother of a woman

From conception to postpartum, a woman undergoes many mental and physical changes. Specially in the case of skin, health and hair has to go through immense changes. There is also the problem of weight gain. Weight gain during pregnancy is normal.

Since the mother breastfeeds the baby during the postpartum period, she should not control too much food. At this time a woman needs to eat more calorie nutritious food than usual. According to experts, “after the birth of the child, the mother can regain her normal weight, if some things are taken care of.”

What are some postpartum complications?

Just as the mother needs to eat more for the health of the baby, she must take care not to overeat. At the same time mother has to do normal activities. Some common skin problems occur after delivery including…

1. Cracked spots

Weight gain can cause stretch marks or cracks in many parts of a woman’s body after delivery, especially in the abdomen. Almost all mothers suffer from discomfort.

2. Dark circles under the eyes

Hormonal changes and lack of sleep after childbirth cause swelling and black spots under the eyes. The fatigue that comes after childbirth is what the eyes reveal. And waking up again and again to feed the baby causes black spots to fall off.

3. Acne problems

High progesterone levels in the body during or after pregnancy can cause acne.

4. Mental exhaustion

Many mothers become emotionally depressed after childbirth. This is due to the change in one’s body, the change in the old routine and the inattention to the new mother due to the attention of everyone in the house. Mothers continue to suffer from depression.

So it seems that a mother has to go through a lot of problems from pregnancy to childbirth and beyond. And so the mother’s health needs to be given the highest priority. Because if the mother is healthy, the child will be healthy.

How do you take care of yourself after having a baby?

If a mother wants, she can easily get back to fitness as before. Need to take a little care of yourself. How? Let’s see …

1. Stretch mark removal

Olive oil performs a great role to removing stretch marks or cracks in the abdomen. This stain can be removed in a short time without any hassle. Apply olive oil on the spots every night before going to bed and take a bath in the morning.

The skin will be smooth. You will see that after a while the spots have started to lighten. You will get better results even if you use anti stretch mark cream. There are also a number of other home remedies for abdominal scars.

2. Do some light exercise

No heavy exercise should be done for at least one and a half months in case of normal delivery and at least three to six months in case of caesarean section. But nowadays doctors encourage mothers to walk and do free hand exercises every day.

This walk can be started after 3/4 weeks. Pelvic exercises should also be started at the earliest to re-tighten the skin, muscles and limbs of the lower abdomen.

3. Get regular breast feeding

A mother consumes a lot of calories every day through breastfeeding. In fact, breastfeeding is the first and best way to lose weight. Breastfeeding is not only necessary for the baby, it is also helpful for the mother’s hormonal and mental physical changes.

4. Skin and hair care

Drink plenty of water. This will keep the skin hydrated and restore the radiance of the skin. The habit of eating timely and healthy food will help to bring the new mother’s skin and body back to normal.

Hormonal differences during pregnancy cause brown or black spots on various parts of the body, including the face. These are called melajma or mechta. After pregnancy this hormone gradually decreases which also causes the scars to gradually disappear.

Use a good cleanser for acne and keep your face clean. And you must always use sunscreen. Also eat balanced and nutritious food. In addition to eating a balanced diet, you also need to take care of your hair. Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin-E, Inositol, Zinc, Biotin and Co-Enzyme Q-10 are beneficial friends for hair.

5. Wear whatever you like

Mothers suffer from inferiority complex when it comes to choosing clothes due to physical changes and obesity after childbirth. They think dress don’t suit them. Get rid of these worries and wear whatever you like.

Decorate yourself with the clothes of your choice, it will make you feel better. Read books of your choice, you can also listen to songs. If the mind of a new mother is full, it also has a good effect on the child.

6. Stop comparing with other mothers

How fit my neighbor’s body is after giving birth to a child! She hasn’t changed, she looks so beautiful. But why did I become so fat, why did my skin lose its radiance – stop these comparisons.

She and you’re not the same person, you’re two different people. The two have different temperaments, personalities, tastes, mentality. So why would you compare yourself to other mothers? Take care of yourself in a way that restores your natural beauty and makes you fit.

7. Think positive

Think positive about yourself. It will have a good effect on you, your children and your family. The problems you have to go through after giving birth to a child are all temporary problems.

Over time, your efforts will return to normal. If you always keep this positive thought in mind then you will get back to your previous fitness quickly.

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Mothers also have the right to think for themselves. No one becomes selfish in this but the mental and physical strength of the mother is strengthened. And this power makes her a majestic woman.

All problems will be solved if you keep in mind that any postpartum problem is not permanent. So far today. Stay well, stay healthy!

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