Ridmik Keyboard Old Version (3.1.5 Download)

ridmik keyboard old version : We are Bengali, so we get peace of mind by expressing our thoughts in Bangla online. But you can’t write good Bangla on all keyboards on Android. So we have to be satisfied by writing Bangla in English letters (Banglish).

Ridmik Keyboard is a keyboard that is popular for writing Bangla to 50,000,000+ Bangla lovers worldwide. The Bengali alphabet can be typed very easily with this keyboard. It is relatively easy to write Bangla with multiple layouts as well as Unijoy layout.

What is Ridmik Keyboard?

Rhythmic Keyboard is the most popular mobile app for writing Bangla. About 10 years ago, this app was released for free to write in Bangla. Today, not only in Bangladesh, but also in neighboring countries, including India, all Bangla-speaking people in the world have this application as daily tool in mobile.

This nice keyboard was originally developed for online Bangla typing. But besides Bengali, English can also be typed with this keyboard. If you have no general knowledge of typing, you can easily type with it.

Features of Ridmik Keyboard:

  1. Bangla phonetic Avro keyboard
  2. National and Provat layout
  3. Full list of useful emoji
  4. Voice input system
  5. Nice theme and appearance
  6. Word suggestions
  7. Number pad along with text
  8. Clipboard with recently copied text
  9. Attachment of Arabic and Chakma languages

ridmik keyboard old version

Ridmik keyboard old version

Ridmik keyboard version 7.0.1 is currently available on the Google Play Store. Which is the latest up to the time of writing this post. Although this new version adds all the new features from the previous one, the omission of the Unijoy layout caused many users problems. Ridmik authorities said, they were forced to remove the Unijoy layout due to copyright issues from later versions of version 3.1.5.

So it means that you will not get the old version 3.1.5 in Google Play Store now. However, from our download link, you can use the Unijoy layout very easily and safely. So download the app from this link.

How to use Unijoy layout?

  • First download version 3.1.5 and install it on your Android phone.
  • Select the Ridmik Keyboard from the Language & Input option in the main settings of your phone.
  • Open the Ridmik Keyboard app, click on the three dotted icon at the top left and click on Settings.
  • Clicking on option 3 Bangla Fixed Layout will display 2 options. One Unijoy and the other National. Select the Unijoy option.

You’re done. From now, whenever you type something, you will find the Unijoy option along with all the other layouts on the rhythmic keyboard. With which you will enjoy the advantage of writing Bangla very easily and quickly in Bijoy style on computer.

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