Importance of Physical Exercise during COVID-19

Though Covid-19 has completely stopped our daily life, we cannot deny the importance of physical exercise during Covid situation. The epidemic coronavirus has almost everyone trapped in the house. All of us are spending time lazily. As a result, excess fat is accumulating in the unemployed body. To prevent corona, it is necessary to increase the immunity at this time.

A number of hassle-free exercises can boost your immune system. With age, diabetes, high blood pressure or hypertension, hyperhidrosis, or high blood cholesterol levels these problems can be exacerbated by not being able to walk or exercise for long periods of time.

So you have to stay active all day instead of lying down. The amount of exercise should also be increased. A little exercise every day during this lazy time can keep you fit. It will also be very helpful in boosting your immunity as well.

Why to do Physical Exercise during COVID-19?

  1. Excess body fat will be lost.
  2. Keeps the heart and lungs fresh, which plays a big role in preventing coronavirus complications.
  3. Helps to keep sugar-pressure-cholesterol low. Covid-19 has a relationship with the first two.
  4. Bone health remains good. The tendency of bones to soften and break down decreases.
  5. Increases physical fitness and immunity. To prevent coronavirus, we need to fight it.
  6. Then you understand how important it is to continue exercising during this critical time.

Now let’s know, which exercises will be especially useful for you. As well as how you can do these exercises, we’re going to describe them in details.

What kind of exercise you should do?

Someone may be walking on the roof or treadmill regularly to do physical exercise, while others do yoga. But the whole thing is never done. You just have to learn what your body actually need.

1. Walk more and more

Walking as hard as possible benefits the heart and lungs more. So walk for 20-30 minutes continuously. If you can’t walk at a time, walk for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon.

However, before walking, check the condition of the knees, waist and ankles. If your heart and lung function is low, do aerobic exercise with the advice of a doctor. However, before walking or jogging, wear good walking shoes. Otherwise there may be pain in the legs.

2. Aerobic exercise

According to the World Health Organization and the American College of Sports Medicine, healthy and physically fit people between the ages of 18 and 64 need to do aerobic exercise at a moderate speed of 150 minutes a week or 75 minutes at a brisk pace. Exercises to increase muscle strength should be done two to three days a week.

Aerobic exercise refers to walking, jogging, cycling, skipping, swimming, etc. How you can do it in this lockdown? Walk on a treadmill or rooftop, do spot jogging, do spot skipping or ride a static bike.

3. Stretching

Almost everyone knows how to do stretching. Nothing special, this exercise is very beneficial for keeping every muscle in the body active. Leg-waist-spine stretching will be very useful at this time. You can do it if you don’t have any pain or big problems in joints and muscles.

4. Body-weight training

Muscle strengthening or muscle strengthening exercises can be done in two ways. Uses weights and body weights. Also called body weight training. There are different types of squatting, such as leg rising, plank, push-ups, etc.

However, if there is no habit for the elderly or people with chronic illness or low fitness or knee-waist pain, it is necessary to do a suitable exercise with the advice of a physiotherapist; Otherwise you will have to face various difficulties. Healthy people can do all these exercises.

5. Zumba exercise

You can Zumba. However, only if the age is low and fitness is high. If you have good fitness even in old age, you can do it if your knees and waist are right. Those who do zumba, don’t give it up this time. As good as your body will be in Zumba, your mind will also be a little lighter.

Beside zumba, continue yoga as well. It can be done by people of all ages, it takes very little space. So you can do it anywhere in the house.

6. Meditation

It is important for us to be physically fit as well as mentally healthy. Because at this time we are all going through some kind of emotional stress. Someone may or may not be physically, someone is suffering from financial problems, which leads to mental stress; So if you meditate regularly along with exercise, you can stay mentally healthy.

Try to stay active most of the time as well. If you have a habit of sitting in one place, avoid it. Otherwise you will not get the benefits of exercise properly


The COVID-19 epidemic has brought a major crisis in the lives of everyone around the world. Along with others who go to the gym every day to keep fit, almost all their activities are being hampered. Although at this time in the Corona we have nothing to do but sit at home. So follow these tips to keep yourself healthy and fresh. Stay at home, stay healthy.

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