10 newborn baby skin care products (You Must Use)

Parents are always concern about the use of newborn baby skin care products. Because no one want to take risk about the health of a newborn baby. The arrival of a child is the most important thing in a woman’s life. And the arrival of a newborn in a family is so happy moment that it cannot be described. Parents start preparing in advance for the arrival of new guests in the house.

A lot of thing require to caring for a newborn baby. Among them, cosmetics for newborn baby are a very important ingredient. Children’s skin is very soft and supple. Children have a hard time coping with the changes in nature that occur in different seasons.

Specially in these two seasons of winter and summer a baby need to take different skin care. So, as a mother you must use the best baby products for newborns to take care of their delicate skin. This article will help you a lot to fine out the right and best baby skin care products. Let’s take a look at some of the cosmetics that must be used for newborns.

10 best newborn baby skin care products

1. Baby oil

Very good quality baby oil is available in the market for the use of newborns. Regular oil massage improves blood circulation in the baby’s body and helps children sleep better. At the same time oil massage makes the baby’s bones strong.

Oil massage is very important for baby in winter. In winter, before bathing the baby, massage the oil well and if the baby is bathed, the cold does not stay on the body and the cold is less. The oil relieves dryness and roughness of the baby’s skin, makes the baby’s soft skin more smooth and soft and prevents various skin diseases.

It also helps to brighten the baby’s skin. However, in hot weather, oil massage should be stopped on the body of newborn. In this case you have to use body lotion.

2. Body lotion

Body lotion makes baby’s skin more soft, supple and radiant. Lotions are of different types of ingredients. Such as- milk, butter, honey, apple etc. In this you have to choose the right lotion for your baby and if the baby has allergy problem, you must use body lotion as per the advice of the expert.

3. Baby cream

Baby moisturizing cream is a very necessary thing for newborn babies. It is often seen that children’s cheeks are cracked in winter. The baby’s facial skin is so soft that the skin cracks very quickly, unable to withstand the harshness of winter. So these baby creams are made to moisturize the baby’s facial skin.

4. Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is very beneficial for baby in winter time. In the dryness of winter, the lips and soles of the hands and feet of children become very rough and cracked. So using petroleum jelly will keep your baby’s skin soft. Even in dry weather, the baby will be soft and graceful. But it is not needed in summer. Can be used if there is extra dryness.

5. Newborn cosmetic hair oil

There are many good quality hair oils available in the market for newborn hair care. Hair oil rich in various nutrients protects your baby’s scalp and protects baby’s scalp from dandruff and rashes. It also works great for hair growth and hair nutrition.

6. Baby powder

There are many good quality baby powders suitable for baby skin in the market. But before applying the powder, care should be taken so that it does not become excessive. This is because if you put extra powder on the baby’s throat and mouth, it can cause shortness of breath and shortness of breath.

When children sweat in the heat, the body can be wiped well and a very limited amount of powder can be applied to keep the skin from getting damp.

7. Baby soap and shampoo

Children need less alkaline soap for soft skin. There are various brands of baby soaps available in the market which can be used to ensure the protection of baby’s skin without any allergic reaction.

One of the most important ingredients in children’s hair care is shampoo. Children’s scalp is very sensitive. So they need to use very good quality baby shampoo in their hair. Baby shampoos for babies are made with ‘No More Tears’ formula. Using this shampoo will not irritate the baby’s eyes. Baby shampoo is less alkaline. For this, gently cleanses the baby’s scalp and makes the hair soft, healthy and silky.

8. Body wash

This soap is made in liquid form in addition to body soap. Children’s body wash is much more convenient than soap. This is because they produce more foam and the body of children becomes clean faster. Neither baby soap nor body wash has a strong odor. These are usually sweet and light in smell.

You can find these cosmetics for newborns in any shopping mall. But keep in mind that you must understand these cosmetics used for children and buy good quality ones. Otherwise the baby’s soft skin will be severely damaged.

9. Children cereals

Cereals for children is quite healthy food. But this cereals can be made with moisturizing face pack. Mix coconut oil like a quantity of ‘rice serial’ must be mixed with coconut oil. Waiting for 10 minutes to keep the paste with 10 minutes and wash it with water and wash it with water.

Caution: In hot weather, the baby should stop using oil, lotion, etc. after bathing. After bathing the baby, dry the body and actually use the powder on the neck, folds of the legs, etc. This will prevent itching.

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You can find these cosmetics for newborns in any shopping mall. But keep in mind that you must understand these cosmetics used for children and buy good quality ones. Otherwise the baby’s soft skin will be severely damaged.

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