(English Version) HSC ICT Chapter 3 : Number System and Digital Device

Almost all of us are very concerned about HSC ICT. This is especially true for high school students. Because, many high school students can’t get good marks in this subject. This is no less difficult than math. But it becomes easier if you think a little easier without taking it in a difficult way.

One of the most difficult chapters in the ICT book is Number Systems and Digital Device. For the convenience of your understanding, a sample question is given from the third chapter. These extra creative questions given to us can make this chapter a little easier. The rest of the questions can be downloaded with the answers from the link given below.

Questions 1 : ICT teacher is giving his lecture on number system in the classroom. But he get angry when he see that one of his student is not giving concentration. The teacher then ask his roll number. Student said that his roll number is (31)10. Then the teacher asked the student of his previous class roll number. The student replied that his previous class roll number was (15)10. Then the teacher said to him that he get poor result for his being unconsciousness.

a. What is the base of number system?
b. Unicode was the mostly used alphanumeric code. Explain.
c. Express the present roll number of the student into binary.
d. Determine the difference of two classes roll number of the student by using addition technique and evaluate the changing in results.

Questions 2 : Weapon specialist Mr. Zisan have to keep his room under protection. For this, it is required to pass two doors to enter into his room. In the first door, if one gate is opened among two gates, the door will be opened. But if two switches are opened at the same time, the door will not open. On the other hand opposite technique is to apply for second door.

a. What is logic gate?
b. Unicode is a blessing for people of all languages. Explain.
c. Determine the truth table for the logic gate indicated by the first gate of the stem.
d. Verify and analyze the second gate of the stem by using truth table.

Questions 3 : ICT teacher said to his students in the class that computer can not understand A directly, it can understand it when it converts into 8-bit special signal by using a logic circuit. Moreover he says that in that signaling system computer can not understand Bengali. For this, a different signaling system is required.

a. What is decoder?
b. There are four flip-flops in 4-bit register. Explain.
c. Describe the above logic circuit.
d. Which one technique is more suitable among the above two signaling techniques? Present your logical opinion.

Questions 4 : Mr. Atik has switched on the fan of his bed room. He switched off the fan when he feel cold. As a result, fan has become switched off. Though one switch of the fan is on, fan is
switched off. That’s why he has become very anxious.

a. What is encoder?
b. XOR gate is more preferable than OR gate. Explain.
c. Draw circuit of the stem and explain reason of the fan’s become off.
d. Which change will make the fan in the state of switch on. Explain.

Questions 5 : Talukder and Rayath were discussed about test result, Talukder said that, I got (4C)16 in ICT. Rayath said I got (103)8 in ICT. Read in Class five their brother could not understand who got more number.

a. What is the base of the number system?
b. Why 3 + 5=10. Explain?
c. How much number Talukder and Rayath got in decimal?
d. Calculate the difference of Talukder’s and Rayath’s number in 2’s complement using 8 bit register?

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