How to Write a Viral Blog Post in 2021?

We write one article after another on our blog. But do we know how to write a viral blog post? Or, how to write post go viral? There are several steps to follow to make a blog post popular. There is a lot of work to be done, from writing articles to on-page SEO and off-page SEO. And so we have to take a broad idea about this.

SEO is very important and necessary for a website. And if your website is blog based, then the need of SEO is multiplied. What is Website SEO? What are the requirements of SEO? You already know about this in Courstika. Today we will discuss about TITLE optimization.

The title is the lifeblood of every blog on a blog website. Which, of course, make your post viral. A visitor first searches Google with the keyword he needs, then clicks on the most interesting title in the top 10 results.

Then you can understand where the importance of a title in blog based website. Many of us create titles for blogs in a worst way. As a result, we lose the expected visitors to our website. Today in this article we will discuss 7 secretes for title optimization. You’ll be able to create beautiful and perfect titles for your blog by following them. So let’s start ..

1. Make long tail title

There a lot of new blogger who like to write very small sized titles for their blog post. Short tail title is better for your post, but the long one is better. Google recently said in a survey that they value long tail titles more than shorts. The most popular SEO method Yoast has detailed the need for long tail titles or keywords on their website.

So choose a long tail title for each of your posts. For example: you can create titles between 55 to 60 characters. Big titles will help you to highlight the content of your blog. As a result, so many visitors can see the title and guess what is inside.

2. Use focus keywords at the beginning

Focus keywords are the most important words or phrases of your content. A visitor will search your blog in search engine with this possible keyword. So find it and place it in your title. That is, if a visitor searches on Google by typing the focus keyword of your post, then there is a good chance that the post will be ranked in search engines.

So make sure you’re using focus keywords at the beginning of the title. Do it for your all blog posts and see the magic.

3. Put a power word in the title

Power word is the lifeblood of the title. Take some important or interesting words as power words. For example: New, Most, Exclusive and Amazing these words attract the attention of the visitor. So try to keep these strong words in your title. See some more such power words from this link.

4. Put a number in the title

Titles that contain a digit or number get higher rank than other blogs. One of the many reasons to put digits or numbers in a blog title is that it is search engine friendly. If there is a number in a title, a visitor pays the most attention there.

When you use digits in the title of any of your blog posts, the reader’s interest is more likely to flow towards you. So put a number in the title. Learn more about the importance of using numbers in titles here.

5. Use a sentimental word in the title

Do you think why the use of sentimental word in a professional blog posts? But you should know that if you put at least one sentimental word in the title of your blog post, your article will be more viral than others. You will see in various entertainment blogs such titles are used every day. This will succeed in bringing traffic to your blog through the title.

6. Use brackets in the title

If possible, try to use brackets in your post’s title. In some special cases you can use a bracket in the title. For example, if you have a video inside your blog, you can write it like this at the end of the title (with video). Again, if your blog has a file download system, you can write (download link). These make it possible for others to click on your title.

7. Make your title interesting and meaningful

As I said at the beginning, worst titles will never be able to attract visitors to your website. So try hard enough to make the title more interesting and meaningful. A meaningful title creates a positive impression about your post in the mind of the reader.


The search engine optimization (SEO) system is constantly being updated. And with that, the pre-SEO techniques are constantly changing. So to get good results you need to update yourself with the current time and technology. At the present time old meditative ideas will never succeed in getting you a website ranking.

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