How to Viral Fiverr GIG in 2021? Follow 5 Secret Rules

It is always important to making your Fiver gig popular to get more and more sells. Because, it is the key to winning more sales in a less time frame. Nothing but a wonderful gig is a way where you can get the buyer’s trust before they purchase a your service.

If you’re a new seller in Fiverr, it’s simple that you don’t have enough idea about gig. So you have to check in a lot of gigs by higher-level sellers and got inspiration and ideas from from them. Here, we’re going to give you a detailed instruction about how you can make your gig description outstanding. Just follow this tips and make your gig viral.

How to Viral Fiverr GIG?

1. Research on Your Service

It’s a common thing that many of new Fiverr sellers don’t have enough research on their service. As a result, they have lack of knowledge on what they’re offering to serve others. So, make it sure that you have enough idea what service you want to sell. Take a long time to research on it.

The very first thing that you should be doing is, go to Fiverr official website and search for the Gigs related to what you are going to be selling. have a look at the description of each one of these gigs and learn what pattern they are following. You’ll see most of the top sellers write their gigs in a perfect way by optimizing keywords and describing everything correctly. But you have to sure that, you don’t copy any gig’s description and use it as yours.

2. Introduction About You

In a Fiverr gig, introduction is the first part where you talk to the buyer directly and ask them are they having a relevant issue.

Example: “Having issues with your websites? Congrats! You’ve come across one of the best gigs regarding Website Development & Fixation.”

Just introduce yourself in two or three lines that you have a better experience to serve him to the following problem. Make sure to use proper keywords in the description so your iig can be ranked on Firverr first page. Don’t use a keyword for many times. Always try to keep a balance by using multiple keywords so it does go with the sentence.

3. What Buyer Can Get From You

A buyer always wants to get a best service within short time. So, describe what a buyer get from you if he purchase your gig. Tell buyer to what you are ready to give for your order. Mention everything you are ready to give.

If you have any experiences with what you offer in this gig, write it. It is very important to at least mention all the services you can provide in a single gig. For example : You have previous experience on WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Divi Builder or CSS and JS Fixes. Just note them on your gig if they are related with the following service. Make a list of benefits you offering in your Gig. For example:

  • If any extra are you giving to the buyer
  • How many satisfied buyers you served before
  • How quick you are delivering
  • What do you have which the buyer cannot find in other gigs
  • And other similar things which come to your mind

This is one of the most important steps when writing the description. You have to gain trust by telling the buyer what’s in it that is for them.

4. What You Need From Buyer

Properly write all of your requirement for your service to complete the project. For example: I’ll need your logo tittle, Logo style (3D, Modern, Vintage, Hand Drawn, Text etc). But keep in mind, always want those thing what you really need to complete the task.

5. The Way a Buyer Should Order You

Explain the system easily how a buyer should order you. If he wants to hire you, hat package can they order? Usually, you can write to contact yourself and get a custom offer. Explain to buyers that if their requirements aren’t included in the gig then they should get a Custom Offer out of the gig.

Be Careful: The above gig description is quite hardly applying to all the categories. It is a general written description. So don’t apply them in all types of gigs. Make sure to do relevant changes to it as you think would be perfect and then use it.

That’s all! If you need any more help regarding your gig description, Just comment on Courstika. We’d love to help you out. Good Luck with your newly created gig!

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