How to Remove Nail Polish Easily Without Remover

How to remove nail polish easily? I have been using the nail polish for a long time, but it has also gotten a little rough. I thought, rubbing the nail polish remover and remove the old polish. But the bottle of remover is over, it can’t be bought in a hurry! Meanwhile, I have an invitation in a party and I can’t go there with my cracked nails!

What to do in all these cases? Removing the nail polish by rubbing is not a good job! It’ll looks ugly, nails can be damaged! If you do not have a nail polish remover on hand, let’s look at the way to do it without any difficulties.

How to remove nail polish easily

1. Toothpaste

Toothpaste? Yes; You read that right. You can remove nail polish with toothpaste. Once the nail polish remover is finished, rub any toothpaste on the nails with an old brush. Toothpaste contains ethyl acetate which will remove your nail polish safely. Nail polish remover also has this same ingredient!

2. Deodorant

Your second hope is deodorant to remove old nail polish. Spray on nails and wipe with cotton. Nail polish remover will not rise at once. Do it a few times with patience, all the colors will go up.

3. Hand sanitizer

No nail polish remover? Is there a hand sanitizer? Rub the nails with a little cotton. All the colors will come up with a little time.

4. Perfume

Perfumes like deodorants are also effective in removing old nail polish. The problem ends when you apply a little perfume on the tissue paper and rub your nails.

5. Hair spray

Hair spray contains rubbing alcohol which is the best alternative to nail polish remover! Spray on nails and wipe immediately with cotton. It must be done very quickly, otherwise the cotton may get stuck on the nails!

6. Top coat

None of the above ingredients are at hand, but there is a bottle top coat? Don’t worry! Apply a top coat on the old polish and wipe with a cotton swab. Old polish will come up with the top coat!

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

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