How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally | Tested and Proven

How to keep house cool in summer naturally : It has started to get hot and it is not possible to solve the problem even if the AC is on all day. Many are still working from home. Keeping the AC running all the time can cause other problems as well; This raises the electricity bill as well as puts our health at risk.

How to keep house cool in summer naturally?

So today we’ll share some great tips about how to keep house cool in summer naturally, each of which has been tested and proven. However, in this case, there are some things to keep in mind. It is also relatively easy to keep the house cool for those who have light wall paint or white paint on the ceiling. On the other hand, if your house has a west-facing window or veranda, then more heat will enter.

1. Close the window and pull the curtain

The sweet morning sun does not last long. So when the clock strikes eleven, close the window and pull the curtain. If there are blinds, turn it off. This will reduce the heat in the room. You’ll get comfort even if you keep the fan running. Open the window again in the afternoon. If there is a facing window, it is better to ventilate the house.

2. Apply cotton or linen curtains

Use curtains and bed sheets of natural fabrics like cotton or linen. However, it should be light in color. Light-colored sheets and curtains reflect heat, making it easier to keep the house cool. Wash the sheets and curtains before they get too dirty.

3. The dimly lit house is much cooler

If there is less light in the room, there is more feeling of cold. For those who are working on the computer, if they have difficulty in low light, turn on the table lamp. CFL lamps are cooler than tube lights. If possible, you can change it.

4. Keep trees indoors

If you keep a tree in the house, it looks beautiful and absorbs heat. Moneyplant, Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, Erica Palm look beautiful in the house. However, if someone is allergic to pollen, take the advice of a doctor before planting.

5. Turn on the exhaust fan while cooking

The inside of the house gets hot while cooking. So be sure to keep the exhaust fan on. If possible, finish cooking before the heat rises.

6. Wipe the house with a wet cloth

Wipe the house, window cover twice a day with wet cloth and keep the fan running. Before that, close the window and pull the curtain. The house will be cold.

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