How to Attract Customers? 10 Ideas to Grow your Business Fast

For those who sell products online, the most important thing for them is to gain the trust of the customers. If you just start a new online business, you must know how to attract customers? Because, customers are the key to the success of e-commerce or web-based business. E-commerce has some tried and tested tips on how to win the hearts of your customers. Those who run e-commerce sites or want to take e-commerce initiatives can follow some rules.

Success of your business depends on providing good buyer value. One of the main tasks of marketing is to create and deliver buyer value. Buyer satisfaction will increase if you can provide maximum buyer value.

What is buyer value?

The difference between the benefit of receiving a product or service and the money spent on its exchange is called the customer value. The value increases when the cost is lower than the benefit.

Here, the advantage is the work-based advantage and the emotional advantage. And the cost is money cost, time cost, labor cost etc.

So the difference between the benefit that the buyer gets by accepting the product or service and the money and time that he spends to get the product is the buyer value.

How to attract your customers?

Selling is the way of income of any business. Be it product or service. If you want to walk the path of income to bring prosperity to the business, you have to increase the sales of your products or services day by day. And if you can’t win in the competitive market, you have to lose the capital. So be tactful. There is no one way to win, there are many, you just have to recognize the opportunities.

Sales are a challenge that needs to be addressed in order to win. The buyer needs to know why your product or service is needed. When the desire to get the product or service arises in the mind of the buyer out of necessity, the most important thing comes to the buyer. Why the buyer will buy the product from you? Is there anything in your product that the buyer will buy from you? Let’s know the way to impress theme.

1. Respond in time

When a customer wants to contact you through a Facebook page, website or phone, you need to respond in time. Then the buyer will get initial satisfaction towards your site.

2. Sincere behavior

Many sellers do not get along very well with buyers. But keep in mind, one buyer will make you 20 more buyers. Your good and sincere behavior and good manners will go a long way in gaining the trust of the buyer. Let the buyer be impressed with your behavior and sincerity.

Ask, ‘How can I help you?’ Say ‘sorry’ if the buyer can’t offer your service or product for any reason. This will increase the buyer’s trust in you.

3. Supply good product

You must show respect to customer’s needs and provide good quality products. You can make a temporary profit by marketing inferior products, but it can also cause permanent damage to your business. Do not sell anything except the original product.

4. Buyer reviews

An important aspect of customer service in online stores is customer reviews. Buyers feedback can be a great way to improve your business. How is the product or service? Like it or not? You need to know these.

The buyer will satisfied in it. Ask the buyer for advice, to know exactly what kind of action is taken to benefit the buyer more? How can the service be made more standard? Etc. Shown your interest to the customers. Then the buyer will feel honored. E-commerce will feel a different pull towards the site. This will make the buyer want to visit your site again and again.

5. Be honest

Prove your honesty about the quality and price of the product. Prove that your service is good. Keep up the good content. Your honesty will drive your business forward. If you do business honestly, you will get a lot of orders from references.

6. Free delivery

Buyer is happy to receive the product at no cost. So do not separate the delivery charge with the price of your product (If possible) and show the whole price together by adding the delivery charge with the price of the product.

Determine the price of the product based on the cost of delivery. This is more likely to increase your sales.

7. Take return the product

Arrange to return the product to the online store if possible. This will make the buyer feel more secure while buying the product.

8. Have a shop if possible

When doing e-commerce, you need to keep a small size shop. If there is a shop, buyers will be more interested in buying the product.

9. Write down the buyer’s address

If possible, write the buyer’s address in the diary. So that you can communicate with the buyer at a later time. Sometimes if there is any discount or gift, you can inform by phone or message. Doing so makes the buyer happy.

10. Good relationship with the buyer

Build good relationships with people who purchase products from your online shop. Occasionally give a gift to the big buyers. Organize a festival. Send the buyer an invitation to the festival. The buyer will be very happy. This will make the buyer interested in buying products from your site.


If you respect buyers, you will get respect from them. Thank buyers. In this way a good relationship can be built with the buyers. Loyal customers are needed as much as new customers are needed to expand your business. Arrange rewards by organizing programs with those who invest more in your business, spend more time and money.

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