Free Download (अरिहंत सामान्य हिंदी) Arihant Samanya Grammar PDF Book

Free Download Arihant Samanya Grammar PDF Book. Hello Student, Today we are sharing Arihant Samanya Grammar Hindi PDF with you. This book is useful for many competitive exams. All of you can save the PDF of this book on your mobile and laptop by clicking on the download button below.

In this Arihant General Hindi PDF Notes, you will get to read important information related to Hindi Grammar and general knowledge like history and main facts of Hindi language, alphabets, pronunciation and spelling, word differences, synonyms, antonyms, antonyms, words, contrived synonyms, single words for phrases.

Free Download Arihant Samanya Grammar PDF Book

You also get word formation, sentences, syntactic errors and their refinements, filling in the blanks, order arrangement, punctuation, idioms and proverbs, juices, verses and decking, letter writing, Papers and drafting of government offices, essay writing, standard phrases, expressions and terminology, unread passages and memorable facts of Hindi literature etc.

Contents of Arihant Samanya Hindi PDF Book

  1. History and main facts of Hindi language
  2. Letters, pronunciation and spelling
  3. Word difference
  4. Synonym words
  5. Opposite words
  6. Multiple words
  7. A word for phrases
  8. Hindi grammar
  9. Word form
  10. The sentence
  11. Syntactic errors and their corrections
  12. Fill in the blanks
  13. Order management
  14. Punctuation marks
  15. Idioms and sayings
  16. Letter writing
  17. Government offices letters and drafting
  18. Essay writing
  19. Standard phrases, expressions and terminology
  20. Memorable facts of Hindi literature

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For you, this book is an important subject for any exam and it is a subject in which you can participate in maximum number. This book is important for all one day competitive exams, all of you can download this book very easily by clicking the button.

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