Women Life After 40: Food, Exercise and Others

You’re a woman, but did you think before about diet after 40 years old? What happens when you turn 40 to your body? We answered all of your concerns about the female health tips after 40 years old. Let’s continue.

Now women not only support the family financially, but also manage all the other responsibilities of the family. If you are the mother of a child, you have a responsibility towards it. Women to work day and night busy schedule. Are you taking care of your body in so many things?

Health and lifestyle based website Boldsky reports on female health tips after 40 years old that neglecting one’s own body can lead to skin aging. If you can take proper care of your body even in a thousand jobs, it is possible to retain your youth even at forty or sixty.

Female health tips after 40 years old

Even if you follow a certain diet, you can keep your skin and body fresh. Take a look on our female health tips after 40 years old that fight aging from within the body.

1. Blueberries

Every day you have to go out in the sun for work. This sun and pollution not only scars the skin, but also damages the skin cells. Besides, there is work pressure. Free radicals are constantly being created in the body from work stress, which makes all the other patterns of aging, starting from wrinkles, appear on the skin.

Blueberries are high in antioxidants, which remove oxidative stress from the body. Heals damaged cells due to sun and stress. In addition, blueberries contain essential vitamin C. Vitamin C keeps skin wrinkles away.

You’ll have all the great sources of Vitamin C at your fingertips. You can get Vitamin C from raw peppers, cabbage, potatoes, lemons, pomelo, orange lemons, and tomatoes. Grapes, guavas, starfruit and various sour fruits are also rich in vitamin C.

2. Pomegranate

What exactly do the free radicals produced in the body? Experts say that the skin contains a substance called collagen which keeps the skin tight. This is why the skin looks as beautiful as youth. Free radicals destroy this collagen in the skin.

As a result, wrinkles, fine lines, etc. appear on the skin. Pomegranate/Dalim is therefore extremely beneficial for the body. Pomegranate juice destroys free radicals in the body. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding.

Pomegranate also helps in lowering blood pressure due to its high content of antioxidants. As a result, stress and tension are reduced, and the risk of heart disease is reduced. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you will benefit from the practice of eating pomegranate regularly.

3. Mushrooms

Just skin? As soon as you reach the age of forty, your body becomes afflicted with back pain and bone joint pain. But the responsibility of family can no longer be avoided. The body breaks down more due to physical stress under work pressure. Pain begins in the spine, water accumulates in the knees.

Why are these diseases approaching forty? Lack of calcium is a major cause of bone weakness, doctors say. And the onset of these diseases is due to the weakness of the bones. Mushrooms are rich in vitamin D. Without vitamin D, bones cannot absorb calcium. So you can eat mushrooms to keep the amount of vitamin D in the body normal.

More sources of vitamin D: Egg yolk, yogurt, oatmeal and milk.

4. Nuts

Not only calcium, but also a deficiency of important nutrients like protein, fiber and micro-nutrients is seen in the forties. At the same time, the amount of cholesterol in the body increases, which brings about the risk of heart disease.

Walnuts and almonds in nuts are the most beneficial for lowering cholesterol. At the same time, these nuts also provide protein, fiber and other ingredients that are deficient in the body. There is no substitute for nuts in terms of all the unique nutritional and physical benefits.

It contains a lot of protein, calcium, vitamin-E, fiber, selenium, vitamin-C, anti-oxidants, amino acids, potassium and omega-3 fatty acids and much more. Which is involved in various body functions.

5. Pineapple

The collagen in the skin is made up of several amino acids. Experts say that after forty, the level of this amino acid in the body begins to decrease. As a result not enough collagen can be produced.

Pineapple is a sweet, juicy and satisfying delicious fruit that is very beneficial for the human body. It is rich in Vitamin A, C, Calcium, Phosphorus and Potassium. The fruit is rich in fiber and calories. It is cholesterol and fat free.

Pineapple also contains metals like manganese, which play a major role in the formation of these amino acids. There is no pair of this fruit in health protection. Therefore, fruits like pineapple should not be left out of the diet to retain the youth of the skin.

To do list after 40 years old

1. Check before eating

After the age of 40, the necessary micro-nutrients, fiber, lean protein and healthy fat-rich foods should be checked and eaten. In a word, eat foods low in calories, saturated fat, trans fat, sodium and extra sugar. Because, these help you stay healthy and active by keeping the weight right.

2. Keep an eye on protein

A person ignores the effects of overeating on the body. Even if you do it in youth, it should not be done in old age. The human body uses the calories obtained from food to manage the body.

So if a person consumes more calories than he needs, it is stored in the body as fat. And so maintaining the amount of protein in the diet is very important for weight control.

3. Take physical exercise

Exercising every day has benefits like improving blood pressure, diabetes, lipid profile, bone strength, brain function. After the age of 40, one should learn the right strength, ability, vitality, work and movement to increase activity.

So wake up every morning and do some light physical exercise. Try to load something a little heavier. If possible, go for a walk in the afternoon.

4. Get enough sleep

Adequate sleep is very important to keep the body healthy and normal. When the age quota reaches 40, the responsibility of the family increases. This causes a lot of stress. So you need proper sleep to stay healthy and strong at this time.

Sleep enhances mindfulness and brain power and refreshes the human body’s ability to repair cell damage and fight disease.

5. Get regular health checkups

Regular health check-ups are essential for a healthy lifestyle after the age of 40. Just as it can warn you in advance of a disease, it also gives you an early warning of any medical or immune problems or risks. So go to a specialist at least once a month and check your health.


Aging will come naturally to any human life and you can never avoid it. At this critical time, people have to face various health problems due to old age. But there is nothing to worry about. Live by the rules and continue your daily routine; stay healthy.

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