(Exclusive 2021) How to Start Facebook Marketing for Beginner?

Facebook is the most popular social media network in the world today. Its popularity in almost every country of the world is much higher than other social media. Considering the huge popularity of Facebook, it is time to know how to start Facebook marketing in 2021.

Among those who use Facebook, there are hardly people who do not login to Facebook every day. Thus about 2.6 billion people around the world use this platform every month.

Although we usually use Facebook as a medium of social communication and entertainment. But now the concept that is coming to dominate everything in the world of digital marketing is Facebook marketing.

Since this popular platform is used by around 2.3 billion people every day, you can easily run a campaign for your organization or any service on Facebook by taking advantage of the presence of this huge population. Among digital marketing, Facebook marketing is now proving to be much more effective and efficient.

Popularity of Facebook at a glance

Around 3 billion people worldwide use Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram every month. According to the statistics of last year, Facebook alone is used by an estimated 2.6 billion people. And at least 2.3 billion people log in to Facebook every day.

On the other hand, about 350 million pictures are uploaded on Facebook every day. Which is really quite incredible. This popular platform receives 510,000 comments, 293,000 statuses and 1,36,000 images every minute. So, it is very easy to understand exactly how popular Facebook is.

So far we have discussed Facebook marketing in detail. Now we will know briefly about how we can do marketing on Facebook. More episodes on Facebook Marketing and Social Media Marketing will be published in Courstika. And you can bookmark the Courstika website to get them.

Why to do Facebook marketing?

From the above statistics you must have realized the acceptability of Facebook. At least 42% businessmen around the world think that Facebook is the main tool of their business. They rely heavily on Facebook to promote their business products. About 50% of 18-24 year old’s people use Facebook after waking up. According to a report, Facebook users are growing at a rate of 16% per year and it continues to grow.

So, Facebook has such enviable popularity and the presence of a huge active population, it is most unreasonable not to promote your business. You won’t find a bigger marketplace for your business promotion as well as product sales.

How to do Facebook marketing?

You can start your social media marketing by taking advantage of the huge popularity of Facebook. So far we have discussed Facebook marketing in detail. Now we will know briefly about how we can do marketing on Facebook.

Free Facebook Marketing: If you are a beginner social media marketer, you can start Facebook marketing without resorting to any kind of premium service. But for this you have to have a popular page. Where there will be numerous active likes. But you have to remember that free Facebook marketing is very less effective in your marketing process. Because, in paid marketing you will find some important tools and benefits that you will never find in free marketing.

Paid Facebook Marketing: You can use Facebook’s paid marketing strategy to promote your product. And for this you need to create a Facebook business page based on your product.

At an early stage you can increase your Facebook likes by spending very little money and spread its popularity worldwide. The need to take the premium marketing service of Facebook is basically that you can reach the service to your targeted customers.

For example, if you start a business of women’s clothing, then Facebook will give you the opportunity to advertise your product only to women. Similarly, if you want to sell books, your displayed books will be seen by the book lovers.

As a result, advertising your product is less likely to reach people who are not interested in your product. So, you can understand why most of the business people are now rushing towards Facebook marketing.

Due to the availability of internet and people’s interest in technology, the number of active people online is also increasing. And a large portion of these internet users are associated with social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

So if you can start your Facebook marketing process by targeting them, then your success is guaranteed.

Facebook Ads: Once you have collected enough likes or fans for your business page, your next task will be to create Facebook ads. Select your product and design a beautiful banner for it, where you will present your product beautifully. You can also create video ads if you wish.

Schedule your ads using Facebook’s Advertising Tool. That means how many days you want to keep the ad on Facebook. Sort your ad with all the information and select the people you target.


You’re Done! The rest of the responsibility is for Facebook. By the time you set a deadline for your ad, Facebook will deliver your ad to your target buyers. From where you will be able to get the desired engagement in each of your posts.

So when are you starting your Facebook marketing? In the next episode of Social Media Marketing in Courstika, we will share all the great strategies to succeed in Facebook marketing. Stay well. Good luck to you.

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