City Bank Bike Loan Application 2021: System, Condition and Interest

City Bank Ltd, a popular bank in Bangladesh, is giving bike loans. It is a very popular bank among many banks in Bangladesh. City Bank Bike Loan 2021 is gaining popularity among the youth of the country for its easy installment facility

City Bank Ltd has already been able to gain the trust of small and big businessmen in the country. In its continuation, Citibank has launched Bike Loan Scheme. Taking City Bank Bike Loan 2021 anyone can buy a new bike from different parts of the country.

Each customer can avail up to 60% bike loan from this project. That is mean, Citibank is giving a loan of 80% of the total market price of the bike of your choice.

Many people have been thinking of taking a bike for a long time. But many of them are not able to fulfill their dream of buying a bike because they do not have all the money together. Many people want to buy the dream bike with a bank loan on easy terms.

As the demand for bikes in Bangladesh continues to grow, City Bank Ltd has started a bike loan project. As a result, the problem related to buying your bike can now be solved with City Bank Bike Loan 2021.

Now a question may arise in your mind. I want to buy a motorcycle in installments, what to do? Today, all the rules for buying a bike in installments will be discussed in Courstika. Its advantages and disadvantages will also be discussed in detail.

Who will have City Bank Bike Loan 2021

  • Executive
  • Self employed professional
  • Merchant
  • Owner of land
  • Expatriate
  • Ride sharing service man
  • Freelancer

Work experience

  • Salary paid employee – 1 year
  • Businessman, Freelancer and Professional – 1 year
  • Expatriate – 6 months

Terms of taking a loan

  • Loans can be taken up to a maximum of Tk 10 lakh
  • Up to 60 percent finance can be taken including the price and registration of the bike
  • Loans can be given up to 100% for woman and Citibank staffs
  • 6 – 36 month installment facility will be available
  • 95% loan can be taken against FDR of Citibank

Minimum monthly income

  • Salary Employees – 12,000/- (Citibank Staff)
  • Salary Employees – 15,000/- (Account Pay)
  • Salary Employees – 20,000/- (Cash Pay)
  • Businessman, Professional, Land Owner – 25,000 /-
  • Freelancer – 30,000/-
  • Ride Sharing – 15,000/-
  • Expatriate – 20,000/-

Interest rate

  • General – 12.99%
  • Female Customers – 11.99%
  • Yamaha, Bajaj, Honda customers – 11.99%
  • Ride Sharing Partner – 9.99%
  • Citibank Staff – 4.94%

Other fees and charges

Loan processing fee 1% which depends on the loan + VAT (discount for Female and Citibank staff) and for Bajaj customers it is 5% Rs.1000 / – for paperwork and documents (discount for Female and Citibank staff).

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Joint registration is a re-payment check where the full amount of the loan will be mentioned along with interest. There are many other formalities of the bank which cannot be mentioned in detail here. You can contact Citibank’s hotline number for details. Or contact Citibank’s Bike Loan website.

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