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One of the most common problems we face when buying domain hosting is choosing a best company from which you can get good quality service and the cost will not be too high. There are very cheap types of ads on Facebook these days. Many companies are offering cheapest domain hosting for very little cost. However, most of them have higher renewal rates.

You may have bought the domain at a lower cost, when you have to renew it, you see a big problem. You will be forced to renew at a higher price. If you want to transfer to another place, you will see that the transfer is not happening or they not allowing the transfer.

And since your domain has already been introduced in the market, you will not be able to leave the domain.

A similar problem occurs with hosting servers. The biggest problem is that the speed slows down and the server goes offline. Moreover, if you face any technical problem, you will not get support form the provider.

The problems mentioned above affect people who come to do new business very much. Especially those who do not have a very good budget for web hosting, they are often deceived to buy cheap domain hosting and lose their hobby business.

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Then cheapest domain hosting?

Yes, you can still buy cheap domain hosting and use it without any hassle if you have services from a professional quality provider. Before we get to the names of some of the organizations that offer domain hosting and good services at low prices, let’s know some important information about domains.

  1. A domain can be registered only once. No one else can register the same domain while it is valid. However, if the owner does not renew after the expiration date, someone else can register it.
  2. Depending on the registration, the validity of a domain is 1 year or more
  3. Many people sell the same domain cheaply and many people sell at the high price. But the difference between them is that cheap domain sellers often do not give the domain’s control panel. As a result the buyer is often deceived and many again sell the domain cheaply then demand a lot of money and withhold the information of the domain. So even if the money is a little more, it is better to buy a domain from someone trusted. Because a domain is for a lifetime. Note that the price of a domain is usually like 10-15 dollars.
  4. Before buying a hosting, you should know all the details and what will be the server uptime.
  5. Domain and hosting must be renewed at the end of each year. However, in this case, you don’t have to re-register, you just have to pay for the next 1 year.

Top cheapest domain hosting provider in 2021

1. Namecheap

To setting up your personal website, WordPress blog or business landing page, Namecheap hosting plans are simple and affordable. Of course Namecheap services are best in the world beside low price plan.

They offer $1.16 per month in there starting plan where you’re can host up to 3 websites with the CMS of your choice. You’ll also get a free Website Builder and email solution.

2. DreamHost

The cheapest plan at DreamHost starts at $2.59/mo and requires you to sign up for three years upfront. Overall, this rate fits nicely in the realm of cheap web hosting, but there are also some upgrades/upsells to be aware of.

Feature-wise, everything is there. The disk space is going to be enough for most websites, and the bandwidth is unmetered, so you don’t have to worry about the limitation.

If you’re planning to use WordPress, DreamHost will also pre-install the software for you along with a handy site builder feature.

DreamHost gives you a nice clean dashboard through which you can perform standard server management tasks like configuring your site, managing files, setting up databases, creating user profiles, and so on. While everything is there, a beginner will still need a moment to figure out what to do first.

3. Bluehost

WordPress is the most popular CMS globally, powering over a third of the entire internet. So, choosing to use WordPress is a smart choice. It’s also what we use here at Courstika.

Bluehost starts at $2.95 per month with a three-year contract and includes a website with 50 GB of SSD storage space. You also get a free domain for the first year, most charge extra for this and free content delivery network (CDN). Free SSL certificate is included to there all plans.

4. HostGator

HostGator remains to be one of the most popular web hosting firms, and their affordable prices have something to do with that. Their three-year plan sits at $2.75/mo, which is in the middle of the pack for cheap hosts.

HostGator is set on giving you all the tools required to launch a single website. With the disk space and bandwidth being unmetered, you don’t have to worry about going over the limit.

They offer a single website website with unmetered bandwidth & storage.But if you want to domain privacy protection, premium SSL and the services like SiteLock security and daily backups you have to count more.

5. GoDaddy.com

A major pull factor for GoDaddy’s hosting services is certainly the cost. It’s hard to beat web hosting for a dollar per month, especially when the company includes a free domain name, control panel, impressively fast load times, and unlimited websites with most plans.

You’ll get a free domain from world’s 1st class registrar. Unlimited bandwidth and up to unlimited storage for every plans. They have a best quality of customer support within 24/7. Just start your website in $1.00 per month.

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Choosing the right cheap web hosting provider isn’t always easy, but it’s an essential consideration for your website’s future. So, sit down and take the time to list out your requirements. Then make an educated decision based on your priorities and specific needs. You can use this post as a guide while you go through the process of making your final decision.

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