10 BIG Blogging Mistakes You Should Never Do

Blogging is a dream to most of the content writer. As it brings name and fame to a blogger, it also serves as a means of earning money. To establish a successful blogging career a blogger must follow some strong rules of blogging.

Many people come with different dreams to win a career in blogging. But the unpleasant truth is that publishing blogs without following the proper rules and guideline and other important issues are followed and many blogging careers are ruined.

If you blogging in a wrong way, you won’t get traffic or visitors to your blog. You may try a lot, but Google will not rank your website because you have already followed some wrong methods. And whenever that happens, you’ll be despair. As a result, your dream of becoming a successful blogger will fail.

Today in Courstika, we will discuss 10 deadly mistakes that a new blogger often makes. In addition we will try to analyze the correct solutions to these problems. This will allow you to find the right guidelines for your blogging career.

When you come to this new platform as a blogger, naturally a lot of things will remain unknown to you. We will focus on those issues so that you can correct your mistakes. This will result in more traffic to your website than ever before and will greatly increase your success.

On the other hand, if you avoid these 10 deadly mistakes without correcting them, it will be really difficult to bring visitors to your website. Let’s start…

1. Using low quality hosting

Having a website is a dream. It involves a lot of passion, sacrifice and hard work. But your efforts will be fail if visitors do not come to your website. One of the main reasons for not getting traffic to the website is to use very low quality hosting. Most new bloggers use low quality hosting.

One of the reasons your site is not ranking on Google is using low quality hosting service. If you use very low quality hosting, your website will be very sluggish. This will result in your website loading at a very low speed. And because it is a relatively slow site, your website will lag far behind in Google search. As a result, you will lose a large number of visitors.

Furthermore, if the hosting is not up to standard, most of the time your website will be down. Visitors will not be able to access your website. As a result, your website may not pass the quality test with Google.

So use good quality hosting even if it costs a little more money. Their are lot of quality hosting provider in the world as GoDaddy, Namecheap and Bluehost etc. Try to take their services.

2. Using free domain

Initially we would suggest using a free domain to learn blogging. But when it comes to setting up your blog professionally, you need to get rid of the use of this free domain. Many people are seen using the fee domain of Blogspot or WordPress even after entering the professional level. Which is a big mistake.

Using a free domain instead of a premium domain has a lot of impact on Google search results.

Search engines usually come up with less sites for free domains. As a result, the chances of visitors coming to your website from here are very low.

One thing to keep in mind is that you must invest in a website that will make money for you. Otherwise, the result will never be very good. Currently a .com domain is available for just $9. There are many domain providers who provide .com domains for less than $9. The .net, .info and .org domains are also available at low prices.

So you can buy a good quality premium domain with just a little bit of money. Using this premium domain will not only bring visitors to your website, it will give your website a professional look. This will increase both the attraction and trust of the visitors towards your site.

3. Installing low quality themes

Using low quality themes for professional blogs is a fatal decision. Usually some free and low quality themes do not have professional level coding. As a result, those themes are not SEO friendly.

You can have a question, if there are any relation between coding and SEO? Yes, there are relationships. In most cases low quality themes do not maintain a standard of coding. For example, some people use h2 or other tags for the main headline of the content. But to make a headline SEO friendly, the use of h1 tag is essential.

On the other hand, such themes are less likely to get updates. In many cases it does not they never serve update. These themes are slow in most cases. This makes the loading speed of the site longer. So as a new blogger try to move away from the decision to use low quality themes.

Buy a premium theme for a small fee. Themeforest is a popular platform for selling themes. Here you will find quality themes at the lowest cost. If there is any problem in using the theme later, the experienced developers of that theme will give you online support. Moreover, the advanced features that you get in premium themes are not available in a free theme.

But if you want to use a free theme, you can use thousands of themes for free from the WordPress theme directory. Although these themes are free, they are quite good in terms of quality.

4. Posting worst articles

New bloggers, in many cases, old bloggers are seen posting low quality articles on the blog. Most of the time they do not maintain the minimum rules of article writing. To write a quality article, once should take a long time.

When you’re writing a good and rich article, you must research a lot of information. To write an article you need to take the help of 10 more websites. Naturally, you need to spend enough time for this.

You have to remember, the quality of the article you published in the blog is the identity of your blogging. And to be successful in your blogging career, it is important to pay close attention on writing the best thing.

But those who want more success in a short time, they do not want to give time behind writing the article. As a result, he copies and pastes from different blogs and publishes them on his own blog. Such low quality articles do not appear in the search results. As a result, it becomes very difficult to get traffic from search engines.

You also have to follow some special rules when writing articles. An article has many parts from the beginning to the end. You need to know how to arrange these parts. So if you write an article according to the common rules before writing in a blog, the quality of your article will be much improved. This will increase the evaluation of your article to the visitors. As a result, your article will easily occupy the rank in Google.

5. Not doing keyword research

If you want to write an article on a specific topic, then you must do keyword research on that topic. Many bloggers avoid this topic.

Keyword research is an important part of SEO that needs to be done before writing an article. When you are preparing to write an article, keywords are some of the words or phrases that are related to your content. These keywords are usually targeted to search engines.

Suppose you are thinking of writing an article on a keyword like “How to create a blog”. Then using the keyword research tool you can find out all about this keyword, how many times a month Google is being searched, or more or less the competition of this keyword.

You can use Google Keyword Planner to keyword research. It’s free, easy to use and very effective.

Through keyword research, it is possible to find out which keywords are profitable to use and which ones are not profitable to target. So, by researching perfect keywords, you can easily write articles targeting profitable keywords. As a result, you will be able to get more traffic and visitors from Google search.

6. Not optimizing your keywords

Keyword research is not the last final condition for your blog article. After keyword research comes the issue of where to place the researched keyword in the article. The keyword you have researched should be used in different places while writing the article. This is basically called keyword optimization.

Your articles will not rank in the top 10 results of Google search engine even if you write good and quality articles as a result of not optimizing the keywords well.

An article has different parts. Such as: Title, Sub Title, Meta Description, URL Address, Image Alt Tag etc. Using the researched keyword successfully in all of these places in the article increased the chances of that article ranking very quickly.

Also use the keyword of the topic selected in the first paragraph of the article and some other parts of the article. In this way, search engines can easily understand that your article is related to that targeted keyword. As a result, targeted keywords create more traffic to your blog articles.

In this case, if you have created a blog using WordPress, then you can use the Yoast SEO plugin for free to easily optimize the keywords in your article. Besides, you will get several more premium services by purchasing the paid version.

7. Never using interlinking

The SEO process of a website is mainly have two types. One, on page SEO and another is off page SEO. Here, interlinking is the on-page SEO. Interlinking is a very important issue in on-page SEO.

Interlinking means you have to link a article of your website to another article. When you write an article on a topic, you should mention the link to another article on your website on that new page. As a result, any reader will get another article right in front of their eyes before they finish reading an article. As a result, the reader will click on the link to another article given by you. This will increase your visitors.

You have to remember, Interlinking is one of the best process in on page SEO which brings good results in search engine optimization. So if you have not yet followed the interlinking process on your website then it is a fatal mistake for you. Interlinking is essential if your content is to get a good ranking.

8. Not sharing on social media

In the context of many country, bloggers are only seen doing Facebook-base publicity. Many people think that just publishing an article and sharing it on Facebook is enough. But it is a big mistake. It is true that a large number of visitors will come to you from Facebook. But besides that, you have to keep the existence of your blog in other social media too.

Creating profiles for your blog on various social media is an important issue. Next you have to share the posts on this platfoms. You can choose platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn or Twitter to share.

Initially you will not get much traffic from these social media. But gradually those posts that you share will continue to come up in search engines. From where you will be able to get a lot of traffic later. Also, if a website has a profile on all social media, the visitors’ confidence in that website increases. Which is a very good and positive aspect for your website.

So create a profile in the name of your website not only on Facebook, but also on other social media. Link them to your website and share your website content there regularly.

9. Not starting guest blogging

To rank your website you need to create backlinks. And for more backlinks you need to do guest blogging. Building backlinks for website rank is an effective solution.

Do you know what is guest blogging? Guest blogging is writing on someone else’s blog. If you write on someone else’s blog, you will have the opportunity to share your website link there. Which is a very good aspect for your website. But most blog writers don’t think much of it. Or never create opportunities to write on another blog. But you need to do more guest blogging and share the link to your blog there.

This will increase the backlinks of your website. And Google ranks those websites that have good number of quality backlinks.

Do you know EGO is an open field for guest blogging for new or professional bloggers? If you wish, you can write as a guest blogger on the EGO and share the link to your own website. Submit your post by following this form and we’ll publish it for you.

10. Having lack of discipline

New bloggers try to be more successful in a very short time. Which is never really possible. To be successful in blogging, you need to devote enough time and effort and apply your exceptional talent.

There are many people who do not publish regularly on their blogs. Publishing an article twice a month does not maintain the continuity of the blog. If your blog is not updated regularly, it will lose its rank in search engines.

So updating blogs late and irregularly is a fatal mistake. If you want to be successful at blogging and get more traffic from Google search, you need to publish regular articles on your own blog. If you are not disciplined in your blog then it can be very difficult to get success. So, keep your blog updated regularly and publish at least two articles every week.


After all, blogging is a place for a blogger to express his talent. It’s not a joke. Since you have been in this profession, it means you know a lot. So try to correct the mistakes mentioned above to increase the effectiveness of the blog. If after writing good content the visitors do not come as expected, try to find the answer to what you are doing wrong.

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